Limited Lite Rules

All rules and required safety equipment as outlined in the general safety rules must be followed. This is an entry level class. All vehicles must adhere to tech, or will be bumped to Pro Lite or Outlaw. This will be strictly enforced.


These are the only modifications permitted in this class. Unless otherwise stated, all parts/pieces must remain in their factory position. Please read all rules carefully.


A. Frame and Body:

  1. Two wheel drive production frame mini trucks.
  2. Radiator must be in stock location and functioning.
  3. Stock axles and brakes must be used front and rear.
  4. The manufacturer’s chassis and body must be retained as well as the original wheel base.
  5. Frames must be stock: no lengthening, narrowing or removing of material is allowed** You may strengthen the frame as required. 
  6. The body must keep its stock appearance, the body must stay in its stock location on the frame and all internal body structural members must be intact.
  7. The windshield, door windows, rear window and tailgate must be removed.
  8. The cab must be stock and no welded metal can be removed other than outlined in the fender trimming.
  9. Badly rusted bodies and frame may be rejected.
  10. Batteries must be located in the bed of the truck.

B. Drive Train:

  1. Engine must be in stock location.
  2. Stock block and head(s) must be used and may not be modified.
  3. All engine internal parts must remain stock or equivalent OEM.
  4. Differentials must be model specific with no disc brakes unless factory installed.
  5. Stock torque converters must be retained for automatic vehicles.

C. Suspension:

  1. All steering linkage must be stock, including the steering box. 
  2. The front and rear suspensions must be of the same type as originally produced and installed on the chassis.
  3. All suspension components must remain in the stock locations and the original mounting methods maintained.
  4. A-arms and I-beams must remain as delivered on the chassis and suspension parts must retain the stock shape, size and configuration but may be strengthened as required. 
  5. The front and rear springs have to be in the stock location, use the stock pivot points, and be of the original concept.

D. Wheels and Tires

  1. Tire must be D.O.T. and available to the general public through normal dealer distribution. 
  2. Maximum tire diameter is 31″.
  3. Beadlocks are not permitted.
  4. No inner liners or wheel spacers permitted.
  5. Wheels must be in good repair, made of aluminum or steel, with no wheel covers.


A. Frame and Body:

  1. Holes can be made in the body and box for roll cage and fuel cell mounting only.
  2. Bumpers may be removed and replaced by racing style bumpers as outlined in the general safety rules.
  3. The hood and doors may be skinned
  4. Front inner fenders may be removed.
  5. Entire box floor including wheel wells and box sides can be removed.
  6. Can use fiberglass or steel box skins.
  7. Can use fiberglass front fenders.
  8. The steering box mounting may be reinforced.
  9. Steering quickeners are allowed.
  10. Frame may be notched to a maximum of 8″ wide right above rear axle for clearance. 

B. Engines:

  1. Engine size limited to 2999cc. Engines will be model (but not necessarily year) specific.
  2. 3L are permitted but must be raced totally stock. If stock air box is moved, the factory air box and factory size tubing must be used. (Use of K_N Filter RU2439 or equivalent permitted)
  3. 2.9L same as 3L except MSD6AL is permitted.
  4. 2.8L can use any aftermarket headers, 4 bbl, carburetor and MSD6AL is permitted.
  5. 4 cylinders may use any aftermarket carburetor, intake manifold, headers, camshaft, chip and MSD6AL is permitted. Any air filter is allowed.
  6. Stock factory fuel injection can be used. Any V-6 Fuel Injection must remain stock.
  7. A secondary radiator may be added in the bed of the truck. The plumbing must be done in such a way that the driver is protected from burns should a hose blow, etc. Contact KORRBC executives should you require more information.

C. Drive Train:

  1. Automatic or manual transmissions are allowed but must be model specific to vehicle. Shift kits are allowed.
  2. Differential lockers or spools and gear ratios.
  3. Removal of E-brakes.
  4. Gusseting and strengthening of the differential housing.
  5. Larger than stock wheel studs allowed.

D. Suspension:

  1. Two (2) non rebuildable shocks per wheel, with no external reservoir, with a maximum 12″ stroke. May not protrude through the hood. (rs 5000 or equivilant.)
  2. One (1) 2.5 smooth body rebuildable shock per wheel, with a maximum 12″ stroke. May not protrude through the hood. No bypass shocks permitted.
  3. Shackles may be extended.
  4. Aftermarket springs are allowed.
  5. Aftermarket upper A-arms and spindles are allowed. (Stock style ball joints no heims or uniballs)
  6. A-arm style suspensions may alter the strut rod to align its pivot on the same plane as the lower control arm.
  7. I-Beams may be bent to help with camber.
  8. Fords may invert shackles
  9. Toyotas may run shackle pivots on top of frame.
  10. No secondary suspensions are permitted.